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Why we charge what we do to attend our recitals


“We have to pay to see our own child perform?”

This question isn’t often said aloud, but we can read it on our parents’ faces when recital time draws near and they discover the front desk doubles as a box office.  And we certainly sympathize — who really wants to dish out extra cash for that?

While never mandatory, we attempt to provide all of our dancers the opportunity to perform year round. This includes community performances, special events, and our biannual recitals.

Typically our extracurricular performances are scheduled based on availability and the event or vendor’s desires, but our recitals are designed to showcase the entire studio so every little dancer gets the chance to shine. The recitals are a huge draw — hundreds of families come to see their children perform each time.

Of course, putting one of these things on requires some expenses: venue rental, technicians, printing, food, activities, and props are all necessary costs.

To cover it, we require an admission charge. This might seem like grand larceny, but it’s actually a standard for dance studios to sell tickets for recitals.  According to a blog on, the average charge per ticket in the U.S. is $13.22 as of 2015, and often times studios will go well above this price to make a profit from the show.

But we know you’ve paid enough, and we’re not into deceiving our customers.

Annually, we charge $8 per ticket if pre-ordered, and $10 at the door. We even offer free tickets for backstage volunteers. The amount covers enough in case a minimum amount of folks attend the show.

It isn’t an appealing expense, especially if you feel like you’ve already poured out for tuition and costumes.  But our ticket prices are well below average on purpose: so you can comfortably enjoy your child’s dance number at a reasonable price. We keep costs low so your child truly can Dance Anywhere.