About Us


Aspiring artists are welcomed with love at Starlight Studios, and we look to build confidence in each one as they grow in passion and skills in the performing arts.

Starlight Studios is where all artists are welcomed with love into a space of kindness and acceptance.

To create this environment, we work together in harmony without negativity or competition. Doing the right thing is always encouraged, and innocence is never forgotten.

Every artist has the opportunity to shine as they grow in confidence. Dedication and joy blossom into passionate of performances.

We therefore provide instruction in dance, music, and theater for all ages, levels, and walks of life, giving all an opportunity to reach for the stars!

Sound good to you? Try a class, or jump right in and enroll!


Allison Fuhrer

Owner, Ballet, Creative Worship

Kelly Fuhrer

Guitar, Administration

Sarah Leon

Piano, Choir

Caitlin Busath

Jazz, Dancing Stars

Adriannah Gonzalez

Dancing Stars, Theater

Vallerie Mello


Taylor Oyen

Dancing Stars

Barbara Whatcott


Kasey Silligman

Dancing Stars, Ballet, Lyrical/Modern

Sandi Gonzalez

Theater, Tap, Dancing Stars

Takara “Jojo” Knighton

Hip Hop, Dancing Stars

Bethany Parks

Dancing Stars, Tap

Shawnie Voorhies


Alaynah Gonzalez

Dancing Stars