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Picture day is an exciting event where our students that are preparing for their upcoming performances get to take professional photos as individuals and as a team in their showtime costumes and gear.

Picture day is not mandatory; however, we strongly encourage all of our students to attend to make sure every class is represented and no student is left taking a team picture by themselves. There is zero obligation to purchase photos, even if you are present for picture day to support your class.

Recital 2019 Picture Day will be held on Saturday, April 27th at Starlight Studios

Check our Picture Day schedule HERE

Order your pictures HERE

Tips for Picture Day

  • Come Early – Plan to arrive for pictures 5-7 minutes before your scheduled picture time. This ensures that we stay on time during this busy day. If you are late, you may miss your pictures.
  • Come Dressed – If you only have one costume/outfit for pictures, it is best you come to your picture time already dressed. We will have dressing rooms available for those that have to change into other costumes or have not received their costumes yet.
  • Come Prepared – It’s best to already have you hair and make up done before arrival, but bringing extra hairspray, hair pins or lip gloss can be helpful. Make sure all jewelry and nail polish is removed beforehand as well. For little ones who may be nervous, bringing a comforting blanket or stuffy can help a lot. For older students, it’s always helpful to have some poses prepared before stepping in front of the camera (still and action shots)
  • Come Paid – Our photographer is very organized which is wonderful since he will see over 200 students in 300+ costumes over the course of the day. To stay organized, he requires parents to purchase their pictures BEFORE picture day. He prints out all the order forms the morning of to make sure every student is accounted for and every parent gets exactly what they paid for. See the link above.
  • Come Happy – Picture Day has the ability to become stressful; however, we never want it to be that way. If everyone does their part, we can all have a smooth and stress-free day. So, don’t forget your smiles whether you are in front of or behind the camera!

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