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Thinking about dropping out of the show? Read this first.

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Thinking about dropping out of the show? Read this first.

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You’re tired and burned out. Your schedule is overflowing with activities and events. The perfect family vacation prices are right on top of that recital or show and it’s tempting just to skip the stress.


We know how you feel, and we understand that committing to a show can be difficult at times. There will be days where you will want to change your mind, take a break, and stop arguing about practices, classes, and rehearsals.


We get it, truly we do.


But don’t do it. Don’t give up.


Realize that Starlight Studios teachers, your teachers, were once students and they wouldn’t be teaching now if they had decided to opt out of a recital, if they went on vacation instead of rehearsal, or if their parents let them slack off from practicing because it was boring or tedious. Your teachers worked hard and made sacrifices to become the artists that they are today.


Now you may be thinking, “my student’s young, it won’t make a difference”, or “it’s just one show, what’s the big deal?”


Well, let’s break it down. If you drop out, who is really affected?


Your classmates now have to cope and relearn everything on the fly. Your teachers have to fix and fill gaps in choreography, music, and lines that they already spent hours creating the first time.

Rehearsal and picture day is put behind schedule waiting for a student that won’t be showing up without advance notice. Backstage volunteers frantically search for a student that’s on the roster but not backstage because they think they lost them.

Stage crew is at a standstill because someone is not in their place on stage. Another performer doesn’t have enough time for their costume changed because the scene your student was in had to be cut short.

Other students lose lines, parts, costumes, songs, and their overall time to shine because someone else decided it wasn’t important to them.


Two of Starlight Studios’ values are integrity and harmony. We cannot produce harmony in our students and in our show without the integrity of every student, parents, and teacher following through with their commitments.

We believe that showing commitment to something, whether big or small, can be difficult.


But we also believe that the most difficult things to do are always the most rewarding.

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