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Starlight Studios’ Spirit Week is here!

It’s time to celebrate and show off your Starlight spirit from September 16th-21st.

Spirit week at Starlight Studios represents three activities:

1) Bring a friend – That’s right, bring a friend to class with you for FREE. The only stipulations we have is that the friend must sign in at the desk and the friend is of the same age as the class being taken (ie. we cannot have a 2 year old taking class with the 7 year old class). Students can bring friends to higher level classes, but there will be times where the friend will just have to watch.

2) Sport your stars – This means you can wear your most spirited Starlight-inspired outfit to class. Anything blue or with stars are great items to wear, as well as any of your Starlight Studios merch.

3) Rock painting – We will be having a spectacular rock painting station available all week, located in our gated area outside our main lobby. Each student (and their friend) are invited to paint a masterpiece on one (1) rock. After the rock has been painted, we encourage you to leave the rock at the studio to dry and get a finishing coat (done by us) to reduce weathering. Just make sure you put your name with your rock. On the bottom of each rock, we will be adding #StarlightRocks2019.

Feel free to take pictures and videos during Spirit Week so we can see just how spirited you are! You can tag us on Instagram (@tracystars) or Facebook (@StarlightTracy) and use the hashtag #StarlightRocks2019.