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Name: Starlight Studios Presents: Rising Stars Music Showcase
Date: Saturday, October 12th, 2019
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Starlight Studios
505 W Grant Line Rd, Tracy CA
Tickets: $8 each (children 2 and under are free)




We are excited to promote a new performance opportunity for our music students as well as other aspiring musicians of our community.

We know that for some a full semester is a long time to wait to perform a piece that you have been practicing for months on. Now you don’t have to wait! Our ‘Rising Stars Music Showcase’ will give anyone who wants the chance to play or sing between our big recitals.

Just like all of our productions at Starlight Studios,. this event is family-friendly. Those that want to perform will need to fill out a form that list lists information about you (and your band if applicable), what instruments you will be playing, what songs will be performed (as well as lyrical content), and more.

So whether you're singing or playing solo, with your best friend, or with a full band – we would love for you to share your talent with us!

How do I get involved?
You can download and fill out this form HERE. Each form must be completed and turned in by September 28th.

How much does it cost to be in the showcase?
The cost is $15 per outside entry, but free for Starlight student entry

Where do I buy my tickets?
Tickets will be sold at the door at the event.

What do I wear to the show?

This is not a regular recital, so our dress code will be more casual. We do require that all clothing be family-friendly (no vulgar word/pictures on clothing, no bare tummies or excessive cleavage).

Rising Stars Music Showcase MANDATORY Dress Rehearsal will be held at Starlight Studios on Friday, October 11th at 6:00 PM

What do I wear?
Wear what you will be performing in.

What do I bring to rehearsal/show?
Your instrument (if needed), sheet music for your piece, and water.

For rehearsal, do I need to stay the whole time? Is drop off okay?
Performers must stay for the duration of their piece if not otherwise noted. Drop off and pick up is acceptable.

What is my call time?

Call time for all performers is 6:40PM

What do I bring to show?

Your instrument (if needed), sheet music for your piece, and water.

Can I leave the show early after my child has finished their performance?

Unless there is an emergency, performers and their families should stay for the entirety of the show.


-Don’t consume dairy or chocolate (1-2 days before the show) as this will thicken mucus and saliva in the throat and nose.

-Stay hydrated, drink lots of water! Know that extreme temperatures that can damage the throat or cause tension.

-Foods that can dry you out: caffeine, salt, sugar. Tea can actually make your throat feel dry too.

-Honey is good for a sore throat. Lemon is good for congestion. But not the other way around!

-Common sense: Screaming or doing weird/loud things with your voice before singing is never a good idea.

All Musicians

-Practice your pieces at least once every day.

-Try rehearsing your pieces from memory to iron out any issues. It is also useful to have a few points in the song where you can restart should things go wrong, or, if you are a singer, a few spots where you can jump back in. This will save you from having to start back at the beginning or, even worse, quit in the middle of the song.

– Find some people to perform your piece for. The only way to simulate the nerves and pressure of performance is to perform in front of real live people.

-Once you’ve got your piece down, take some time to relax and just enjoy playing and listening to yourself because if you enjoy your music, so will your audience.