School of Performing Arts. LLC.

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Guitar: Ages 6 and up $140.00/mo.


  • One 30-minute guitar lesson a week
  • Personalized instruction determined by student’s strengths and musical tastes  
  • FREE guitar tuner
  • Leveled curriculum eBook (25 levels in all)
  • Two recitals (Christmas and Summer)
  • All-week correspondence with instructor

The ultimate dynamic, portable musical instrument, the guitar anchors several genres of music and has become the icon for rock music as we know it today. Guitar can be easily picked up, but has seemingly limitless room for mastery and improvisation, making it one of the most popular instruments to play and use for songwriting. Our private guitar lessons feature streamlined instruction using multimedia to give students confidence to play their favorite songs quickly, and employs incentive-driven levels to tangibly illustrate their progress.