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Whether it’s forest, olive, lime, kelly, mint, or jungle – get ready for Green Scene at Starlight Studios!

It will be a sea of green during the week of St Patrick’s Day where every student is invited to wear as much green as possible to class.

Classes will consist of some fun music and games as well as regular class activities and exercises.

And of course, friends are invited to join in the excitement – for FREE!

There will be prizes for the most obscenely green class AND student during our Green Scene week. Winners will be chosen by our lovely Starlight staff. The greenest class will have a special treat brought to class for them to enjoy. The greenest student will receive a $50 visa gift card.

Tips for Green Scene Week

  • This year’s Green Scene week is March 11th-16th.
  • Regular dress code rules should still be followed (leotard, tights, shoes) but anything added to your green ensemble will be allowed this week (hats, wigs, jewelry, socks, makeup, fake nails, etc.)
  • Friends that are invited to class should fit the age group of the class being attended.
  • Please make sure your friends sign in at the front desk before they enter class.
  • Have fun and share your love for the arts!

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