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Everything you’ll need for your first day of dance

12063796_1165726826776874_7121332444683802448_nWe love when new families choose Starlight Studios to begin a new adventure in art and fitness. We give every effort to welcome dancers and their parents alike with open arms and hearts.

And when we set up our very important introductory class, we find it crucial that everyone comes in with all of the knowledge necessary to make perfect first experience for all.

Take a look at our list of what you might need for your first day of dance class:




  • Clothes that can be easily danced in (no jeans).14528457_1429841970365357_893878665_n
  • We are a modest studio, so no shorts without tights, no half shirts without a leotard, and absolutely no bra tops).
  • Boys can wear basketball shorts and t-shirts.
  • Dance shoes are provided free of charge for our introductory class students. If for whatever reason our rentals are not available in your size or style, socks or bare feet are always acceptable.
  • Hair pulled back away from the face.


  • You are welcome to look as fabulous as you please! If your dancer is on the young side (1-3 years), danceable attire may be needed. You never know when your little dancer may need a partner.
  • Slip on shoes are best for jumping onto the dance floor for the perfect photo opportunities.




  • Water bottle
  • Extra hairbands
  • Smiles
  • Readiness to learn


  • Phone for photos and videos
  • Change for snacks or extra water
  • A cheery yet calm demeanor
  • Smiles to match your dancer’s smile



  • A warm welcome
  • Our student/parent hand book
  • A teacher meet and greet
  • A little class homework
  • Memories in the making

Now you are officially ready for your introductory class! We can’t wait to have you dance with us!

If you haven’t signed up for your FREE intro class, you can register HERE.