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Dance: the essential school supply shopping list item

Sure, it’s only July, but we all know that preparing for the new school year starts early. Target has already made room for their fresh school supply section. Even if you haven’t purchased anything yet, chances are that your kids have already made it known which backpack they wish to sport on their first day.

Ahhh, the smell of fresh school supplies.

As you prepare your list of needed supplies for the upcoming school year…

– 3-ring binder
– A package of no. 2 pencils
– Sharpener for said pencils
– School shoes
– School jacket (which will only last a third of the year, inevitably being left and forgotten in the lost and found)
– Lunch Box

…there is one more major item that can be vital to a great school year: dance.

Dance has amazing powers to aid in many facets of brain development. Improved memory and all around increased focus and thinking skills are due to aerobic movement pumping more blood through your body and releasing more oxygen to the brain. On top of that, anxiety and stress decreases due to music and exercise found in dancing. And the more regular the exercise is, the better the brain works.

Keep your child focused on the floor to help them with focus off the floor.

That means it’s time to get those kids off those tablets and out of bed, and prepare their brains for learning. Our new dance season will begin the first week of August, so you can get your kids minds channeled and ready before the start the new school year. We invite you to join our annual Free Week (August 1-5) and take any classes you want (check our event on FB for more info) and enrollment begins July 8th if you want to save your spot in a class you already know your kid is going to love (enroll here:

So, back to the list…

3-ring binder…check. A package of no. 2 pencils…check. Learning kickstarter at Starlight Studios…check!