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4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Take a Dance Class


You might feel that dance isn’t for you or your child, but you’re wrong. Are you looking for an activity to get in shape, an outlet for artistic expression, a place to socialize, and a discipline to find personal fulfillment? Dance can fill all of those needs at once.

Whether picking an extracurricular for your child or just looking for an activity for yourself, this list may help you narrow down your search.

1) Getting (and staying) in shapeimg_0745

Becoming and staying fit is not always an easy endeavor, but dance class brings another level of fitness where other methods fall short. Flexibility, strength, and stamina are all intertwined in dance class. Dancers are also challenged to really get acquainted with their bodies for better poise and balance. To add an extra facet, music, a universal motivator, is thrown into the mix.

2) Artistic expression

Art often gets the shaft, but to say that art doesn’t matter couldn’t be further from the truth. Studies show that art is absolutely necessary for all to express and understand the deepest of emotions. Dance class is great choice for an art outlet. You don’t need paint or clay; your body is the medium and the instrument.

img_12663) Filling social needs

Dance is a language understood by all, and this is just the beginning of the social aspect of dance class. Creating friendships with people that have similar goals as you can provide endless motivation in dance class. Dance class and performance also give way to amazing team building. Not only do we work as a team in dance class, but we also encourage each other not to give up.

4) Personal fulfillment

Whatever your reason for taking a dance class — getting fit, expressing yourself or just making friends — ultimately, dance class is for you. Dance class gives you the opportunity to lose yourself and find yourself all at the same time, in a safe environment free of judgment. It’s a place that is like no other, a place of refuge and experimentation. Take a dance class because you love to dance, but consider taking a dance class because it pushes you out of your comfort zone.

Dance class is challenging, motivating, a place to build friendships, a source of artistic expression, and a way to get in shape. Why not try it out today?